West Valley Boys and Girls Club Great Futures Start Here

Why are Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley programs so critical to our community’s children and families?
When students hear the bell ring at 3 p.m., it signals the end of the school day and, for many, the start of an afternoon without supervision, without productive activities and without direction.  Boys & Girls Club afterschool and summer learning programs fill the invaluable role of providing essential services — such as a safe and supervised environment, academically enriching activities, healthy snacks and meals, and caring and supportive mentors — to children and families most in need of support. The need for these afterschool and summer learning programs is especially vital in African-American and Latino communities. These communities experience higher levels of poverty, homelessness and food insecurity, and face disparities in education and access to extracurricular activities.

Beyond keeping kids safe
Our programs have moved far beyond the mission to keep kids safe. They are at the forefront of educational innovation – creating school, community and faith-based partnerships to bring resources, caring adults and exciting curricula to children after school.

Engaging activities
Because programs are voluntary, children have to want to come, so engagement and motivation are paramount. Whether students are building solar-powered box cars, providing services to the elderly, or developing a computer program to record their own songs, afterschool programs enable students to learn through fun, hands-on, engaging activities.

A growing research base shows that Boys & Girls Club programs work. Students in afterschool programs are more likely to come to school, stay in school and graduate. They show improvement in engagement as well as academic, behavioral and professional skills.

We are proud of our Club and invite you to come for a tour to see first-hand all the great stuff that goes on every day. 

Please take a look at our new national public service announcement. It is only 60 seconds long and well worth your time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lid_LJLzho

If you have any questions or would like to tour the club, contact Tim Blaylock at T.Blaylock@wvbgc.org.

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