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 On Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, the Club's College Bound program hosted its First Annual Ultimate Spelling Bee at the Main Site. In order to have a spot in the Ultimate Spelling Bee and an equal opportunity of bringing home "the Trophy", contestants needed to place first, second or third at their respective sites. The participating sites included College Bound Kids' members from Reseda and Blythe Elementary School, along with the Main Site, as well as College Bound Teen members from Hale Charter Academy and the Club's Teen Center. 
For a period of five weeks leading up to the preliminaries, contestants were given a series of 20 spelling- bee words each week to prepare for the competition. At the main event, family and friends filled the audience as they cheered on their children and fellow members. The first to compete for the coveted title of Ultimate Spelling Bee champion were the College Bound Kids finalists, followed by their Teen counterparts. Finalists battled their way to the final rounds by correctly spelling words that included: acquittal, siege, zealous, hierarchy, onomatopoeia and many more.

This year's Ultimate Spelling Bee Champions are fifth grader, Jeimy Vasquez from Reseda Elementary School and sixth grader, Catherine Nguyen from the Main Site Teen Center. The winning spelling bee word for Jeimy Vasquez was 'maneuver' and 'poignancy' for Catherine Nguyen.  Special congratulations to both champions!

        Catherine Nguyen                            Jeimy Vasquez
      Teen Center Main Site                  Reseda Elementary School 

        Blyth Elementary                    Reseda Elementary
1st place- Destiny Flores              1st place- Jeimy Vasquez
2nd place- Leyana Kim                  2nd place- Steven Jansen
3rd place- Alexia Aguilar                3rd place- Emely Torres 

           Main Site                          Hale Middle School 
1st Place- Cristine Mathews           1st Place- Ethan Morantz
2nd Place- Preston Salvador           2nd Place- Mattew Captol
3rd Place- Steven Nguyen              3rd Place- Brooklyn Mack 

 Teen Center Main Site    
1st Place- Catherine Nguyen
2nd Place- Kaitlyn Potter 

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