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Our 2017 Youth of the Year
Baljot comes from a very traditional Indian family where women are secondary in the household. She was bullied in elementary school and middle school by her peers, which left her sheltered and alone. Then she joined the College Bound program at Cleveland Charter High School. At the Club, she came out of her shell, gained self-assurance, and flourished.
As a Keystone participant and College Bound devotee, Baljot visited a nearby elementary school, read to the younger students, and taught them about various universities. She ran for office--and won. Baljot is currently student body president at Cleveland and secretary of Keystone.

Baljot was selected as Youth of the Year because of the leadership she has displayed throughout her time at the Club. Passionate about providing support for studen
ts pursuing higher education, she inspires her fellow teens to be proactive, confident and forward-looking.
The once-shy Cleveland High teen has a talent for communicating with peers 
of different backgrounds and interests, combined with an enviable ability to motivate them. She grasps that as a leader she is already creating the positive change she wishes to see in the world by mentoring others and instilling positive values.

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