West Valley Boys and Girls Club Great Futures Start Here

It is an honor to have been selected by the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley to be our organization's President/CEO.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to serve the children in the Valley. It is truly a privilege and perhaps will be the most challenging and exciting times of my life - full of love, great relationships and great success for those kids that need us most. The last 27 years with the Boys & Girls Club organization have been wonderful and memorable, driven not by a job, but a passion for the mission, the cause and the children at Clubs in Washington, California and Texas.
The Kids!
They are what inspires and motivates me the most! The stories of resilience, determination, perseverance, smiles, hope, love and overcoming some of the most challenging times that no child should ever have to face. So many children have endured and reached success for the first time because of the Club and our volunteers and their selfless work. This is why we do this work--a better world for those less fortunate.
WVBGC Staff Team and Board Volunteers
Our Board members, volunteers and staff are the heart of our organization. We have extraordinarily wonderful people who work on behalf of our children and for the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley. 
There is something very special about taking a Club like ours and building it into an even larger organization serving more kids, more often. Owning it and molding it and then building on it again and again. I have a vision to build upon the first 25 years and continue to grow the respect of the Club locally, regionally and nationally as a high-achieving institution. Together, WE can expand and built an even stronger Boys & Girls Club that we all can be proud of and others only wish they could replicate.
The real winners will be children here today and in future generations to come because of our tenacity and drive to be one of the best Boys & Girls Clubs anywhere.  I commend Jan Sobel, retired CEO of the Club, and the Board of Directors, for believing in this cause and in this organization.  For more than 25 years it is people like them who have helped make this place inspiring!  And the foundation is set for the next 25 years. 
Our Great Partnerships, Donors and Relationships
One thing I have learned over the years is that nothing can be accomplished without support from others.  We have been blessed with partners, donors and volunteers who support our efforts to help children and youth. We hope to expand our support base so we can serve more kids, more often. And I hope all of you who have supported us in the past will stand with us as we grow.
Please feel free to connect with me at T.Blaylock@wvbgc.org or call 818-610-1054.

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